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Today’s workforce has its own set of rules. To stay competitive as an employer, you need to be able to shift your approach and invest in your leadership development to not only attract, develop, and retain your winning team members, but increase your bottom line. 

Good news: that’s what we do best. Discover a leadership development framework like nothing you have ever seen before. 

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Are you looking to create a culture where people love what they do?

Give me 74 days, and I will give you the tools to transform your organization into a cohesive, resilient team with all the skills needed to build a culture where people love what they do.

Chris Mayfield – Founder & Leadership Consultant

Xponential Leadership creator and founder Chris Mayfield deeply connects to child hunger and poverty. But, he has also experienced firsthand the positive impact that outstanding leadership and a support network can have.

The holistic approach we take with leadership development is the same approach we take when building our community. The key to a fantastic community is parallel to what makes great businesses.

Everyone reaches their maximum potential and contributes to the values and ideas of something larger than themselves.

When we started our company in 2017, we decided to donate all of our profit to community organizations at the forefront of community transformation. We envision a world where no one suffers the consequences of hunger, can reach their educational goals, and is treated fairly in the eyes of the law.

We invite you to take this journey with us. Even if you are not an XL client, we hope you will find ways to connect with the humans that live and work around you. We recognize that no single person or organization can solve all of the challenges before us.

We encourage everyone to “Do some good, wherever good can be done.”

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The training and tools you need to increase revenue, attract and retain top talent and transform into a company people admire all in one spot.

We’ll show you how to…

Improving the Bottom-Line

Organizations with leadership development programs see a boost in the bottom line. The financial impact stems from a variety of factors, one being simply that there are now more people in the company who are well-prepared to face business challenges and who can understand high-level strategy. The ability to pivot as the economy and industries change can make or break a company’s financial standings. Developing a strong leadership team and company culture is a way to stay ahead of these challenges.

Attract, Develop, & Retain Talent

It’s no secret: we know it’s challenging to attract and retain talent right now. Today’s job candidates expect career growth opportunities from their employers because changing organizations to get that experience over time is frustrating and time-consuming. Get the competitive advantage and become a rockstar-employee magnet by investing in your future leaders the right way. Leadership development within organizations delivers a winning outcome every time. Let us show you how.

Innovation & Growth

Economic and industry-related shifts are inevitable. The real question is: when those changes come knocking on your door, will your team prepared?

The ability of a leader to not only navigate a new territory but to maintain authority, respect, and keep morale high, is crucial to getting out safe and sound on the other side. 

Develop your team to become innovative critical thinkers, so when the next storm blows through you’ll be welcoming the change. 

Develop a positive work culture where people feel safe in voicing their opinions.

Successful companies embrace the fact that all people want and need to be heard. Investing in your people can influence the entire trajectory of your business.  To become a forward-thinking organization, let us show you how to propel your employees ahead of the competition by…

  • Teach leaders how to connect with their people by listening and using empathy effectively.
  • Develop an understanding and appreciation for the importance of diversity in thoughts and experience
  • Learn practical methods for creating a learning journey for team members.
  • Enhancing and building company culture
  • Encouraging the free flow of ideas and accept feedback.
Inspire greatness at the workplace with cohesive team collaborations.

Does your success depend on collaboration, problem solving and effective communication? Achieve your goals faster by developing a cohesive team. By working together smoothly and effectively in cadence,  your team will thrive in a culture where people love what they do.  

In Xponential Leadership, we’ll show you how to…

• Empower leaders by building tasks and social trust with the people and teams they lead.
• Build learning teams and make team learning routine
• Stimulate innovation and cultural change at a small team level.
• Enhance and build company culture that is supportive of diverse ideas.
• Encourage the free flow of ideas without fear.

Drive innovation & growth by creating a team with a clear vision.

Simply being a “great team” isn’t enough. You must have the ability to innovate, change and grow by utilizing knowledge networks. 

In our “Power of All” workshop, you will gain all the tools you need to…

• Empower decision-making process and capabilities
• Build learning organization and make learning routine
• Stimulate innovation and cultural change
• Enhance and build company culture
• Encourage the free flow of ideas

Want to Learn How Your  Organization Can Increase Revenue by Having an Awesome Company Culture?

Take a look at these statistics showing the effects workplace culture has on businesses.


Satisfied employees are 12% more productive than the average worker.


Culture attracts high-caliber employees and leads to a 33% revenue increase


86% of job seekers avoid companies with a bad reputation.

Ever wonder how businesses in the “Top 10 Places To Work” make it onto the list?

Learn how these companies are leveraging tools and resources to create a fun work environment that inspires peak performance. Get instant access to our free downloadable guide by filling out the form below.

What People Are Saying...

Discover a leadership development framework like nothing you have ever seen before.

We’ll tell it to you straight: traditional methods used to develop and grow leaders simply do not work. Good news: we have complete structured systems and solutions that do work– and will add more to your bottom line at the same time.

Cut through the noise with our step-by-step guide to leadership development and you’ll see what we mean…

In Xponential Leadership, you’ll discover how to:

• Recognize, acquire, and implement the essential skills your leadership team must possess to guide transformative organizations.
• Build resilience, excel during economic and industry changes, inspire innovation, and increase revenue.
• Stop high employee turnover that drains the life out of your business
• Catalyze innovation and growth.
• Understand what it means to be a leader inside your organization.

Ready to develop a winning team that grows with your business? 

You, your employees, and your community deserve a company that encourages growth and strives to accomplish bigger and better things.